TTNmon Database Crash

Data for all Nodes in TTNmon is lost between 11pm on 11th December 2018 CET and 5:22pm on 12th December 2018 CET due to a server crash and a resulting database problem. In case you created new devices or access tokens within this range your data is lost as well. However devices and tokens aren’t affected and and can still be used.

All previous data has been restored from the latest automated backup. Everything should be fully operational again. In case you experience any problems, please send a report to

To avoid further data loss due to crashes and improve performance for large database operations, the database is now replicated to another server using a VPN connection. This doesn’t improve the availability of TTNmon itself but ensures an up-to-date and working copy of the database at any time. However in case of a damaged main database there won’t be any automatic restore process and thus data sent to TTNmon after a crash will still be lost. Therefore this database is meant to be used for improved backup purposes as well as a booster for large operations caused by automated data analysis.

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